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Let THE RONALD LAWRENCE GROUP maximize your company's value, maintain confidentiality and avoid costly mistakes. A company properly positioned and packaged by THE RONALD LAWRENCE GROUP sells for a premium price. 

As an owner of a business, you may make the decision to sell for various reasons, including a desire to improve liquidity, the opportunity to undertake a new endeavor, pending retirement or simply the desire to reap the rewards of the many years of effort that have been put into your company.

Once the decision to sell has been made, many questions will need to be answered:

What is the value of my business?
How can my business be sold without disrupting day to day operations?
Who is best qualified to find a buyer for my business?
What is the best structure for the sale of my business?

THE RONALD LAWRENCE GROUP can provide answers to all these questions as well as many other questions that will arise.

We provide experienced, professional and confidential representation which is what is needed in order for you to receive the highest value for your business.

Our Services Include:

Performing a business evaluation,  using several valuation formula's, drawing upon our experience as well as a review of available comparable transactions. Through this process we are, with your assistance, able to establish an appropriate selling price. 

 Preparation of marketing package that describes the business and sets forth the details of the company as well as a potential structure for the transaction with regard to financing alternatives.

Presenting the transaction to qualified prospective purchasers after they have been fully screened by us. The potential buyers may come from our existing customer data base or will be uncovered through a logically designed and well thought out marketing plan specifically structured for your business.


CONFIDENTIALITY -Confidentiality must be a key concern for sellers.  Using a multi-list service would be like telling the world you're selling your business. Maintaining strict confidentiality is necessary in order to safeguard the ongoing business. Neither your employees, vendors, creditors or competitors will know you are marketing your business.

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE -Largest Advertiser of Businesses for sale is South Florida.

ESTABLISH VALUE - We show you how to ready the business for sale including how to prepare the financial statements to properly reflect your business's value.  We will use various valuation techniques and identify several different pricing options for you to chose from.

QUALIFIED BUYERS - We do not waste your time bringing you buyers that are not qualified to purchase your business. We spend time interviewing and profiling all potential buyers, financially, ability to run the company, and experience. 

PROFESSIONALISM -RLG's professionals can offer expert advice on the many financial and personal ramifications of a sale or merger.  When a business is moving toward closing we work with you, your accountants and your attorneys to make sure all the details of sale are taken care of.  Throughout the transaction we will save you time and money.  We have never gone to the closing table and not had a transaction close.

NEGOTIATION -Our only clients are owners of privately held firms.  We represent only one party in the transaction - the seller.

FEES -Until RLG sells your business there are no fees whatsoever.



Q.What is a business broker?

A. A business broker is a professional who specializes only in helping people buy and sell businesses.  They are trained in evaluating and pricing a businesses, qualifying and working with prospective buyers, negotiating and most important, structuring the transactions.

Q. Are Real Estate Agents also Business Brokers?
A. No, while there are some similarities in how they operate, real estate agents sell real estate while business brokers sell only privately held companies.  The techniques of pricing, marketing and negotiating a business transaction are completely different from selling a piece of property.

Q. How important is confidentiality in selling a business?
A. Confidentiality is crucial to a successful sale.  If employees, customers, creditors, suppliers or competitors hear that a business is for sale, it could have a negative impact on the business. thereby making it less desirable.  Between a business owner and broker, there must be complete trust and confidentiality.

Q. How do you value a business?
A. Helping to value a business is one of a business broker's most important roles.  The broker considers the market area the business is in and then compares the business to similar companies that are selling in the market.  The broker also looks at the cash flow, plus the tangible and intangible assets of the business and taking a buyer's perspective, determines what the market would pay for the company.  The broker must assess such diverse factors as how long the business has been established the number and nature of competitors and seasonal variations in cash flow.

Q. Is there any charge for evaluating my business?
A. No, there should be no costs to the seller until the broker accomplishes what he is employed to do -SELL YOUR BUSINESS.

Q. Are there any up-front costs?
A. No, we evaluate, package and market the business and get paid only when we get results.

Q. What is considered Net Operating Income?
A. NOI consists of all non-business related expenses charged to the company, plus non-recurring expenses.  Included in this amount is the owner's salary, bottom line profit of the business, any over paid family member (i.e., the wife is part-time bookkeeper and earns $30,000), interest expenses if there is a loan on the business depreciation, etc.  By the same token, if there are expenses a new owner would incur that aren't charged to the business, they would have to be put back. (i.e., wife does bookkeeping but isn't paid). 

Q. Can I price my business on potential?
A. The selling price of a business is based on past performance, however a buyer will not buy a business without potential.

Q. Can I get all cash for my business?
A. The percentage of businesses that sell for all cash are very small.  From the outset, sellers should understand that, in most cases, they will need to help finance a sale.  In fact, almost 90% of all independent business sales transactions require at least some seller financing.  This keeps the seller interested which helps to insure the continuing success of the business and ultimately benefits all parties.  Seller should imagine themselves in the role of the buyer.  A way to make the business easy to buy is to help the buyer finance the purchase.

Q. Why can't the buyer go to a bank?
A. Unfortunately, banks have not proven helpful in financing the sale of small to mid-size businesses.  Since there is very little outside financing available, sellers financing is an integral component of a successful sale.

Q. Will I need to sell my corporation with the business?
A. In most instances the buyer will purchase the assets of the company, both tangible and intangible, and you will keep your corporation.  The assets will include furniture, fixtures, inventory, DBA name, etc.

Q. If I have a good lease, does this make my business more valuable?
A. Possibly, a lease with low rent contributes to a good bottom line which adds to the value of the business. Length is not a determining factor. 

Q. What happens to my accounts receivable?
A. The accounts receivable and payables belong to the seller.  The difference between the two is additional money that the seller will be able to collect as the receivables come in and that is profit for the seller

Q. Must I pay off all my debts?
A. Yes, all outstanding bills must be paid unless expressly agreed to be assumed by the buyer. An exception is leased equipment if the expenses of the lease are included on the P & L.

Q. I have a lot of inventory and equipment. How do I know the new buyer won't sell it off?
A. The seller will file a UCC-1 form -financing statement lien.  This will list all the furniture and equipment and will remain until it is paid off. Your inventory is protected with a Minimum Inventory Level Guarantee which is written in the agreement. 

Q. How long will I have to stay with the business after the sale?
A. Most businesses require 30-60 days of training. If the business requires more than 60 days of training, the buyer generally will work out an arrangement with the seller to pay him for his time, or to have him available as a consultant.

Q. Is it necessary to give a sole and exclusive listing to sell a business?
A. A professional business broker works as the sole and exclusive agent for the seller. This enables both the broker and the seller to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and means that their organization will be the only ones engaged in selling the business.  Without a sole and exclusive agreement, a quality broker would not be willing to put the considerable time and expense needed to professionally package and market the business.

Q. How long is the listing?
A. The term of the listing agreement varies from six months to a year.  The average selling time of most types of businesses is 100 to 120 days, but that timing can be affected by specific market conditions.

Q. Won't I be better off selling my business through a multi list service?
A. No selling a business in not like selling a home.  Confidentiality must be a key concern for sellers.  Using multi-list service would be like telling the world you're selling your business.  Maintaining strict confidentiality is necessary in order to safeguard the ongoing business.

Q. Why is The Ronald Lawrence Group the logical choice to market my business?
A. Since its founding in 1985, The Ronald Lawrence Group's focus has been to serve the needs of the middle market.  The specialized products and services available are designed to provide owners with options that enable them to make informed decisions regarding the direction of the business and their own personal future and the means to implement their decision.


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